Work Life Balance

In today’s fast paced world, where every individual likes to work and earn, there is very little time left for anything else in life. Work seems to consume most of the time and energies of a person without anything to spare for family, friends, hobbies and so on. In this context, work-life balance is a topic that comes up time and again everywhere.

What is work-life balance

You might ask “Work is also part of my life. So why should I distinguish between work and life?” This certainly is true but what is being cited here is life outside of work. As long as work is part of your life and not your entire life, things remain acceptable.

Many people kill their personal desires and small pleasures to be at work so that they can earn more bonuses, get better positions and climb the professional ladder. These folks mistakenly interpret “success at work” as “success in life”. They forget their other duties and responsibilities. A father stops spending time with his children, a mother forsakes the rearing of children, a husband forgets to care for his wife and the wife ignores her husband’s needs.

What happens when work-life balance suffers

When a man or woman spares more time for work and misses out on personal life, there are many repercussions possible. Though most individuals who are devoted solely to their work have reconciled their behavior outwardly by stating that they are working for the better lifestyle of their families, inwardly they feel a pang that they are doing nothing to contribute to their personal lives. Thus, their stress levels mount which in turn takes a toll on their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

The family ties which can so effectively contribute to a person’s emotional health become weak when the members involved stay aloof and do not take any effort to participate in the running of the family. Eventually in many families, the ties are broken forever, there is bitterness in hearts and there is hurt everywhere. No amount of money and no level of social status can save the situation then. When the person retires, he or she may have a large house with a huge bank balance but the house is no longer a home. The individual could then feel lonely, cheated and defeated.

People who spend their whole time at work are unable to indulge in hobbies and lose the knack of deriving fun from simple things. Coming to the physical aspect, they have no time for exercise and very often they ignore their meal timings too. Thus their bodily health also suffers.

What can you can do to strike work-life balance

You can have a list of things you would like to do on a daily basis. You can also make a list of things you want to do once a year, twice a year or every month. After that comes prioritizing the things you want to accomplish. Based on your list, time management comes next into the picture. Limiting the number of hours you dedicate for work, keeping away from mails and official messages between certain hours, devoting time for your spouse and children and being disciplined about your schedule to accommodate things you wish to do can take you a long way in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. You can even use fake doctor’s notes to take additional leave and spend quality time at home.